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OCaml for iOS 9.2

January 15, 2016

If the universe has extra dimensions, perhaps we can have experiences in some orthogonal kind of time without leaving the present moment. Something like that happened over the holidays, and I was able to put together binary releases of the most recent OCaml compiler for iOS.

Spacy Voronoi image

For quite a few years I’ve been maintaining a set of patches that transform the OCaml compiler into a cross compiler for iOS. Recently there has been some work (with the kind help of Gerd Stolpmann) to improve these patches and incorporate them into the official INRIA OCaml release.

There’s a lot of awesome stuff going on with OCaml these days, so I’m not sure when the iOS support will be released. But in the meantime the changes are available in a branch of the official OCaml repository. I checked out the branch and built two compilers, for 32- and 64-bit iOS.

These compilers are versions of OCaml 4.02.3 that run under OS X 10.11 and Xcode 7.2, producing executables for iOS 9.2. You can download binary installers here:

A simple test of the installed compiler is given on Compile OCaml for iOS. There are also instructions for building from source.

I hope to find enough fifth dimensional time soon to update the test apps and the compilers for the iOS Simulator.

If you find problems with the compilers, I’d be happy to hear about them. Or if you have any comments or encouragement, leave them below or email me at

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