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Master Schnapsen/66 App for iOS

Schnapsen app screenshot

The Psellos Master Schnapsen/66 app for iPhone (iPod Touch, iPad) plays two similar card games, Schnapsen and Sixty-Six. You compete against the little computer inside the phone to see who can score the highest by melding kings and queens and capturing high cards.

Master Schnapsen/66 is now available on the App Store. There is also a Master Schnapsen/66 Lite app you can try for free to see if you like the game.

Master Schnapsen/66 on the App Store
Master Schnapsen/66 Lite on the App Store

The Lite and full versions of the app are exactly the same, except that in the Lite version the shuffled cards start to repeat after a while.

Master Schnapsen/66 Touch Interface

Here we describe what appears on the screen, and how to play the game using the touch interface. Read the touch interface description.

Rules of Schnapsen and Sixty-Six

There are quite a few small variations in the rules as the games are played around the world. Here we describe the exact rules used by our app. Read the rules for Schnapsen and Sixty-Six.

Strategy for Schnapsen and Sixty-Six

The computer is an excellent Schnapsen player, but you can beat it if you use a good strategy. Read our tips for winning more often.

The Schnapsen Log

The Schnapsen Log is a series of columns about the card game Schnapsen, and how to play it like a master. Most of the columns contain an illustrative deal that you can solve like a puzzle, and then add to your arsenal of advanced strategies.

Here are some recent columns:

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You can also visit the Schnapsen Log home page.