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LablGLES Released for Lion

June 4, 2012

I’ve just updated LablGLES, an OCaml interface for OpenGL ES 1.1. I use it to write iOS apps in OCaml, but it should work in almost any OCaml environment with OpenGL ES. I’ve rewritten the instructions to work with OS X 10.7 (Lion) and the latest Xcode (4.3.2).

OpenGL ES teapot on iPhone

I also coded up a simple consistency checker that found quite a few dangling LablGL symbols in LablGLES. These are symbols that are defined in OpenGL but not in OpenGL ES. Eliminating them will allow the OCaml compiler to catch errors in LablGLES code that were previously being caught at runtime.

LablGLES is based on LablGL, by Jacques Garrigue and others. As an interesting sidelight, I just now ran my consistency checker against the base LablGL release and it seems to have found an error! Another small victory for static analysis.

As usual, the old version of LablGLES will remain available in the OCaml Programming Archives.

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