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OpenGL ES from OCaml for iOS and iOS Simulator

August 17, 2011

I’ve just updated LablGLES, my patches to LablGL for accessing OpenGL ES from OCaml. The new version supports both iOS (iPhone, iPad) and the iOS Simulator.

The iOS Simulator is a wonderfully effective development environment, at least for the kinds of apps that I build. The simulation is amazingly accurate. The major difference from a real iOS device is that code runs a lot faster in the Simulator, and the screen is larger. Also, you can tell exactly where you’re touching the screen. All of these are good things, in fact.

I wonder if Apple would be annoyed if I started selling apps that run in the iOS Simulator rather than directly on the Mac. It would be an extremely quick way to port iOS apps to the Mac. Would there be a way to deliver them through the Mac App Store?

If you want to build LablGLES, you’ll need the latest versions of the cross compilers I put together. For iOS you need OCamlXARM, and for the iOS Simulator you need OCamlXSim. Both of these are available in both source and binary form.

I’ve also finished the long-promised test app that shows how to use LablGLES to build iOS and iOS Simulator Apps. It will appear once I catch my breath, in a day or two.

Posted by: Jeffrey