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OCaml OpenGL ES iPhone App: IcosaBlue

August 20, 2011

I’m releasing another example OCaml app for iPhone. This one shows how to use OpenGL ES from OCaml. It’s named IcosaBlue, and it displays a rotating blue icosahedron. (I considered many other Platonic solids and colors before deciding on these.)

In a furious burst of activity, I packaged it up three ways:

• As a pre-built binary for the iPhone Simulator.

• As source for iPhone Simulator.

• As source for iPhone device.

The detailed description is here.

I learned many things about polyhedra and OpenGL while coding up this example. One day I’d like to write an app that stages a competition between Plato and Archimedes to see whose polyhedra are cooler. My money would be on Archimedes, but Plato has some serious strengths that should not be underestimated. He has more name recognition, for one thing. Also Plato has the cube, not something to be lightly snubbed.

Posted by: Jeffrey