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OCaml iPhone Simulator App: Gamut

June 12, 2011

I’ve put together an OCaml app that runs on the iPhone simulator. It’s named Gamut, and is quite amusing (if I say so myself). You can get the sources or just try the binary.

Gamut displays each possible color of the screen, controlled by touching the screen in different places. The middle of the screen shows Psellos’s initial in Greek, but maybe you could modify the app to substitute your own initial. This could be handy for designing a new logo and color scheme for a garage band (or small startup).

The static picture here doesn’t really do it justice. In real life the circle in the center has a constantly animated color change. If you just need to see it to believe it, you can download the binary for the app here. It comes with a script that runs it directly in the iPhone Simulator (using an undocumented interface!).

If you want to get the OCaml (and ObjC) sources for building and modifying yourself, you can get them here. There is a page of description (of both the binary and source release) here. If you want to build from source you will probably want to use the iOS Simulator OCaml compiler that I put together, which is described here.

Posted by: Jeffrey