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[Updated] LablGLES for Android

February 28, 2011

Paul Snively,, sent me a small fix for his patches to support cross-compiling of LablGLES for Android. The new revision of LablGLES is 1.1.5.

I’m still interested in hearing from anyone who has created a working Android LablGLES app.

I just had an idea for a LablGLES app named Chromatophore. As you put your phone down on a surface, the app captures a picture of the section of the surface underneath itself. It then displays the picture on top, which effectively makes your phone invisible. This would be a very fearsome app if the phone were some kind of underwater predator.

Update, Jun 26 2011: somebody actually built this app, or something pretty close. It’s called Invisibility, by some folks named Levity Novelty. I have not tried the app, but it looks even better than I was thinking. Plus they thought of a better name for it, and their company name is excellent. I tip my hat to them.

Posted by: Jeffrey