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Cassino Is a LablGLES iPhone App

February 5, 2011

For those interested in my LablGLES patches, I wanted to clarify that the Cassino iPhone app available in the iTunes store is a LablGLES app.

The cards, the titles, and everything else on the main screen of the app (other than the buttons) is drawn and animated using LablGLES. This includes the little defeat and victory movies at the end of the game.

I’ve found that the Cassino animations are surprisingly smooth and effective on every iPhone model, even the very earliest ones with the wimpiest ARM processor. Lately I’ve been wondering if this might be because we used LablGLES, i.e., because we worked at the OpenGLES layer.

My next example OCaml iPhone app will show how to use LablGLES. I just have to think of an entertaining example. If any readers have working examples that they’re willing to share, by all means send them in.

Posted by: Jeffrey